Title Analytical Scientist
Location San Antonio, TX
Job Information

OnesourcePCS is seeking an Analytical Scientist out of the San Antonio, TX area!

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assist HQ AFDTL staff in improving, developing and validating methods and techniques to isolate and identify drugs of abuse including emergent and investigational drugs in urine. Perform validation studies, as needed with guidance from the confirmation supervisor and/or the Technical Director. Assist HQ AFDTL in writing and editing HQ AFDTL OIs prior to implementation of validated procedures.
  • Assist in solving forensic and analytical problems presented to the laboratory on a day-to-day basis. Interpret complex and diverse analytical data and provides actions and/or written reports for solutions.
  • Certify, operate and maintain scientific instrumentation to include Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS), Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), and other analytical and developmental technologies (e.g., Agilent Rapid Fire and Hamilton STAR automated liquid handler) under strict chain-of-custody requirements. Use data acquisition and processing programs, including but not limited to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Drug Quant, Mass Hunter, and other data systems or software as necessary.
  • Prepare and analyze member specimens for drugs of abuse, to include emergent and investigational drugs within the HQ AFDTL using approved laboratory procedures (e.g. specimen aliquot preparation, chemical extraction, derivatization, instrumental analysis, and special tests when required) under strict chain-of-custody requirements.
  • Monitor analytical procedures in progress and data produced, and provide technical advice and corrective actions to ensure the validity of results. Review intra-laboratory chain of custody forms and corresponding urine specimen identification numbers for exactness; makes forensic corrections as necessary according to OIs to permit the results to be legally defensible in a court of law. Verify all work complies with applicable DoD directives, AFIs and established HQ AFDTL operating instructions.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Minimum years of experience  within the last 10 years in the individual development of extraction and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry methods for isolation of analytical compounds of interest in biological specimens.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, or pharmacology and three (3) years’ experience.
  • Professional knowledge of the various chemistry disciplines to include analytical, organic, and forensic chemistry sufficient to perform the full range of duties connected with the technical activities of the confirmation section which includes mathematics and statistics as related to quality control, quality assurance, and confirmation procedures.
  • Knowledge of the types of surveillance needed to monitor variables that affect the quality of results, and skill in evaluating and interpreting results of quality control procedures and implementing corrective action where indicated.
  • Practical knowledge of standard software programs such as Microsoft Office to insure proper control of specimens and to produce scientific charts and data presentations in written and graphical forms.
  • Knowledge of clinical or forensic laboratory accrediting and regulatory agency requirements sufficient to ensure that quality assurance procedures are in compliance with such requirements.
  • Knowledge and understanding of recognized reference standards, medico legal requirements, regulatory and accrediting agency requirements and pertinent statutes sufficient to use such knowledge in performing tests (e.g. maintaining chain of custody so as not to affect the forensic integrity of the specimen and the result, use and storage of controlled substances in an appropriate manner).

Company Overview

OnesourcePCS is an Information Technology and Health Care company providing government services to the federal market place. Our capabilities include engineering and support services, Healthcare IT, and clinical and non-clinical services, management, system integration, IT support, and managed services.

Benefits and Perks

OnesourcePCS, LLC offers exceptional benefits, including competitive compensation, Medical/Dental/Vision, short and long-term disability, life insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, a 401(k), and semi-monthly direct deposit.

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